June 5

Stress & Overcoming Perfectionism with EFT

A story of overcoming perfectionism

I have a special story about a lovely client of mine who had a major break through today. When she came in she started telling me about all of the things going on in her life, she woke up late, did not get done what she needed to get done and her whole day just kept following this pattern. She talked about how her kids were not listening to her and how she feels frustrated and just does not know how to fix the problem. We went on and she began telling me about a sales associate that also was driving her crazy and how she felt frustrated and stuck. She was also 15 minutes late, which is part of the problem and pattern.

I listened very closely to what she was saying and was reading through the lines. So we started with the fusterastion she was experiencing and the frustration period.

We tapped on: Even though I feel so frustrated, they are not following my rules I accept the way I feel

Even though they are not following my rules they don’t know my rules they should allow them anyhow

Even though I feel frustrated I wish they would all just follow my rules I forgive myself and everyone else involved

Alter a few rounds of this around the body I asked her what came up. She said she felt some relief but she still felt frustrated.

So we tapped

Even though I can’t be happy until they follow my rules I accept myself and how I feel

Even though I am acting just like my mother and I don’t like it, I hated her rules and now I am doing it I forgive myself and hurt. It was not her intention to hurt me and it is not mine to hurt them.


We tapped some more on the memories of her mother telling her what to do. The time she cleaned the house perfect and her mother still complained, and how it wasn’t ever good enough if it wasn’t perfect then it wasn’t ok she wound be criticized and belittled.

There was the core of the issue striving for perfection for herself, her kids and herself in order to protect herself from the criticism. So we tapped on the pain of the criticism the need to protect herself and her family, and how she was doing her best.

We worked on the idea of settling to be excellent because the perfection was a prison. I got her to too me how being perfect or trying to be perfect kept her feeling not good enough, in prisoned and why it was ok to be excellent instead.

We tapped on the issue until it was down to a zero and she felt that perfect was no longer needed and she was okay being excellent.

She is a great person and her intentions were so pure and beautiful but it kept her feeling not good enough and stuck, causing her to procrastinate and so on.


EFT practitioners and user listen carefully to the words your client’s say it will lead you right to the core of the issue and really help you to help your clients.

Jenn Goddard

Helping you to tap into your true potential.



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