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Here you will find many things that EFT is good for,we have a saying in the EFT world…try it on everything. And we do, when nothing else has worked EFT has, I have seen it transform people right in front of my eyes.

You deserve happiness in your life and it is possible to achieve unplug from what is holding you back and create a life you love using the power of EFT, NLP, Hypnosis and more.


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Anxiety on the Attack

Anxiety can be similar to panic, it can create intense feelings putting the individual into an extreme state of fearfulness. Anxiety can set off the ‘fight, freeze or flight’ response causing the mind to shut down certain hemispheres of the brain and putting us into survival mode.  Adrenaline floods the body causing us to lose the ability to think rationally.

If a person experiences enough trauma in their life this kind of thinking can become a normal way of thinking for them, and they can live with constant anxiety, and the individual may not even realize that they are thinking this way.

I should know, many years ago I was badly hurt in a painful car accident so bad that my concious mind did not have any awareness of what happened, but my subconcious mind did and at the sublevel all of the unresolved emotions and fear from that traumatic event was affecting my thinking and emotions, but I was not aware of it. Through the use of EFT and hypnotherapy I have been able to heal the emotional pain of that event and release all of the unconcious fear that was causing the anxiety. For most people just like me, if you are or have suffered from anxiety you are probably not conciously aware of the cause of it, this is due to how the mind works and it’s need to protect us from what is to painful for us to handle at the time, it is a built in survivial response that helps us to move through an experience and get on with life. The problem is once we are okay we tend to move on and don’t work through it and the issue doesn’t go away.

You don’t have to live with anxiety for the rest of your life, you deserve an enjoyable life so take action today and have a better tomorrow.

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EFT For Stress – Stress Relief Hypnosis

Got stress? Who doesn’t these days. Most people are overworking and not truly resting and with the way most of us live we just keep going and don’t get any releif from it..  It seems as if the whole world is suffering from some form of stress in one way or the other.  People all over are suffering stress in their careers. At home, in the stores, in their relationships and in their lives generally.  Even children are suffering from this stress with exams and bullying at school.  Stress is now know as the leading cause of almost all doctors visits and even the cause of many illnesses which have the ability to shorten your life or at least make it very uncomfortable.

EFT is one of the fastest ways I know of to release stress., and hypnotherapy has been proven as to relieve stress symptoms.  These techniques can even be tought to help you daily to let go of stress and get back to a place of piece.

It’s time for you to learn how to relax and start to enjoy your life.  Learn how to eliminate stress from your life and great a life of joy.

Self Esteem  with Hypnotherapy

Life Coaching & EFT

Is confidence or the lack of it a problem for you?  We come into this world knowing that we are deserving, intitaled, and great just the way we are, and along the way, somewhere or somehow someone or something  tells us we are not deserving or we are not enough just as we are we are not smart enoug, pretty enough, tall enough or just not enough.

And for some you know just what causes this blow to your self esteem, you can remember the look, the message or the incidents which led you to feel not enough,  afraid and full of self doubt.

And others all you know is you just can’t seem to get the courage to put yourself out there or feel good enough to have or create what you want.

If you find yourself avoiding social situations, dating, or even having trouble making eye contact EFT, life coaching and hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotherapy and/or EFT have shown amazing results in boosting people’s confidence.

Panic Feelings…

Do you suffer from anxiety and panic, if you do you know how scary it feels.  Panic attacks happen suddenly, often for no reason at all.  The attack itself can last anything from 15secs to 30 minutes duration but some people report they go in cycles sometimes lasting for hours.  If you have lived with it for a while you may feel something is wrong with you and powerless do to anything about this situation, sometimes leading to more panic. The people who experiences panic attacks may not know what causes it, but for certain when they are going through it they just want it to end.

EFT and hypnosis are both amazing at helping people to release the underline cause of the panic attacks and can even help the person to change how they are feeling about themselves, and life, ultimately helping the person take back control of their life.



Hypnotherapy & EFT for Sports

Want to improve your sports performance?  Are you at the point where you just can’t seem to get to the next level, can’t break your score or improve your finish time? Are you at certain level and feel you cannot improve or reach that next level, no matter how hard you try?  Or maybe you can you feel like you are self sabatoging? Maybe you do want to get up to the next level but feel something is holding you back.  If you find yourself doing this self sabatoge thing over and over then STOP, your worth investing in and deserve to reach the level of success you want.

Lets develop a plan a vision and break through whatever is stopping you. Lets eliminating limiting beliefs and the inconcious obsticales and help you achieve success.  We can use EFT to help you uncover and release whats stopping you and we can use hypnotherapy if you chose to develop strong new beliefs and visualizations that empower you and help you perform at your best.


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