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EFT & Hypnosis Sessions

In office session:

EFT sessions are normally an 1 hour to  1.2 hour.  I offer sessions up to 2 hours for complex issues.
During the first session we will discuss the EFT process, your personal history, and the areas
on which you want to focus.  We will work together to discover what it is that you want to achieve and what might be keeping you stuck. We will work together to develop a plan to help you get to where
you want to go in life.

office location: 2822 South Alafaya Trail, Orlando Florida 32825

Phone sessions:

I recommend using a headset or speakerphone during our EFT and or coaching phone / skype sessions. This will enable you to speak to me while having your hands free to tap or take notes. Please refer to the process page before calling to schedule an appointment.

The initial consultation is FREE (includes an FREE EFT demo)

Cancellation Policy: NEW 2019 update. Please give me 24 hours notice if you cannot keep your appointment or you will be billed a minimum $50 charge based on the time held. Canceling is not free for me, it will cost me in lost opportunity to help others as well as potential childcare frees for my children if the session is on the weekend or after hours. So please be conciderate.  Also please understand, for complex issues a 2 hour sessions is recommended for the initial appointment so I can understand your personal history, goals and problems.  I will make sure you know the exact locations of the EFT tapping points and will then immediately begin working on your goals and issues.

As a reminder i am an internationally recognized advanced transformation specialized coach and certified Eft expert practitioner and practicing certified hypnotist. I am not a licensed medical professional, or therapist and do not work in that scope of practice. I work as a certified coach. In stating all of this please  let me make it clear, since i am not a therapist; I do not take insurance, diagnose, or prescribe medication either, if this is something you need i am happy to refer you or ask your doctor for assistance. I also do NOT recommend for people to stop medication either. Consult the doctor who diagnosed you for any concerns with your medications.  Please remember to take full responsibility for your well being and self care. Also please note i have a form that you will be required to sign before being coaching and tapping sessions.

If you have any other questions please let me know before we start are coaching program. I look forward to working with you and helping you to become the you, you want to be.

EFT Coaching Session

2822 South Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828

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