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 Understanding How EFT Works

EFT was designed to discharge the emotional charge of a memory, thought or experience that has been stored in the cell receptor sites of your body. When these chemicals are discharged, it allows your mind and body to relax and return to a neutral state, of calm and ease.

EFT Law of the AttractionEFT works to releases mental, emotional, and physical blocks from the in mind and from the cells of the body. Traumatic symptoms stem from the frozen residue of energy that has not been resolved and discharged. This residue remains trapped in the nervous system where it can wreak havoc on our bodies and our mind. If resolution has not occurred, the brain and the body will hold the information within the network of the brain and or on a cellular level where it is constantly available to be re-experienced. This can cause us to go into reaction, panic and create beliefs and perceptions that many times don’t support us.

When someone imagines the memories of a traumatic event, the same physical sensations, images and emotions as when the trauma first happened are re-triggered. This
floods the central nervous system with sensory overload causing intense distress.

Unfortunately, trauma is not merely perceived within the brain and cognitive processing.It also is communicated to the physical body through the nervous system as electrical and electromagnetic impulses. This disrupts the flow of energy within the body leading to physical sensations such as tightness, tension, and even physical pain.

Since negative thoughts create different energetic patterns, the results are often disturbing feelings such as worry, fear, anger, guilt, shame and panic. When there is no resolution of the negative feelings or uncomfortable physical sensations, unhealthy addictions and behavior patterns are created to cope with the frightful feelings.

EFT Meridian Therapy

Scientists now recognize the connection between the nervous system, emotions, and health. It was once believed that emotions resided entirely in the brain, but we now know that emotions can affect the body on almost every level.  When you experience your jaw getting tight when you are angry, heavy shoulders when you feel overwhelmed, a sick feeling in your stomach at the thought of giving a speech or discomfort when you watch the news then you have experienced how the emotions can affects the body.  Moreover, studies have shown that more than 70 % of illness is related to stress.

Again, EFT works to release these stuck feelings, emotions and traumas memories from the body and mind so that the person can experience relief, a new perception and a new sense of calm and ease. Freeing them from the past and enabling them to move into a new positive direction.

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