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 Success Stories using EFT, Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis

I recently found myself in a very stressful situation at work that I thought would have the end result of my being unemployed. On of the executives of the company I work for began making very inappropriate advances towards me at a very vulnerable stage in my life. I am happily married with two kids and this was not acceptable to me. When I informed the owner of the company he swept everything under the rug and protected the exec. I was disheartened as I really looked up to the owner and I loved my job.

After sitting with Jenn for a session I realized a couple of things that I did not think factored into my work situation. 1) I had past issues with a grandparent, as a child, that resulted in much anger and hate towards men. 2) I applied this anger to many, many things in my life such as jobs, boyfriends, and even my marriage.

My experience with Jenn was nothing short of remarkable. Jenn asked me to hold off on quitting my job until I at least came in for another session or two. I did wait until the third session and have decided to keep my job and set forth a new energy. I feel as though so much anger and hate has been released from my personal being. I actually have less stress looming around me and work is a million times better. I feel more in control of myself and what situations lie ahead of me.

I think I take things into consideration without so much anger now. I feel as though a huge part of me has released unnecessary baggage and it feels so much better. I feel calmer and less stressed and my reactions are more thought out. I am putting into effect a plan that will allow me to spend more time with my husband and children and without Jenn I do not think this new approach would be possible.

S. Cone


ALL I can say is WOW, I was always told there is no magic bullet but they are wrong. For the first time in my life I feel I can truly love myself and let other people love me as well. Jenn, is amazing, caring and compassionate. I have recommended so many friends to her, I always warn them that it may look a little different but it sure does work!

H. Standley


Thank you for what you did for my son! It’s cleared up alot of things regarding his dad! I see a happier young man! Doing better in school and much more positive attitude! He went from a C student, to an A-B Student and is walks so much taller. He is a way more confident Kid!




I went to see Jen because my family asked me to. They felt I had a need to control everyone’s actions and the control was getting in the way of our relationship. I knew I had a problem, but I had no idea where it came from.

The experience was great. Although it took the full session to get rid of my negative feelings, immediately after the session began I started feeling the weight of the burden coming off. It is hard to explain what went on exactly. I had issues from my childhood which, I did not even know existed. I still cannot believe feeling rejected as a child created a need to control my husband and children. I guess the control made me feel wanted.

I thought it was unbelievable how one session made me feel so much peace. Jen was able to walk methrough every step, and by the end I felt renewed.

My issue was feeling rejected by my sister (as a child); being able to deal with it and get rid of it has allowed me to have a better relationship with her. Until the session with Jen, I felt I had to prove myself to my sister, I found myself arguing with her all the time, and not being able to enjoy her company. Today, I love being with her, and do not have the need to prove to her that I am worthy.

M. Alverado


“A few years ago I began to get chest pains.  It got so bad I admitted myself in to the hospital, suspecting I was having heart failure.  The doctors told me I had Gastro-Esophagal Reflux Disorder, also known as Acid Reflux.

Before I started going to see Jenn about my problems, doctors were prescribing expensive prescriptions for me to deal with this Acid Reflux, and possible associated heart problems.

Jenn showed me through her therapy that my problems were not medical, but mental and emotional.  Through the Accu-Motion therapy techniques we were able to uncover many of the reasons for these problems and begin to deal with those reasons.

It’s a work in progress but I estimate that I have saved several thousand dollars in prescription drug charges alone, let alone possible medical procedures.”

John tenny


My experience with Jenn has been positively amazing! I have been struggling with very longstanding chronic female problems and more recently, complete lack of sex drive. I had given up and thought this part of  my life “was just over”, much to the dismay of myself and my husband. I had searched for help for this for a long time prior to finding Jenn. Jenn assured me immediately that there was great hope. After a few sessions with her I am feeling so much better and I am thrilled and my husband is too. Jenn is extremely caring, thorough and efficient in her work. She is able to quickly find the root causes and work her magic, safely guiding me to places of deep healing.  She is creative and brilliant with caring and compassion. I feel completely safe and able to open and share with her.  I cannot thank her enough for her help and giving me my life back. I would recommend Jenn to anyone seeking help for healing in their lives. She is an amazing and brilliant STAR in the world of healing and I feel so blessed to have found her. Thank you so much!

~Anon….(due to the personal nature of this content)


Hey Jenn,

I wanted to thank you for Tuesday’s session.  I felt phenomenal an hour or two after our session.  I think I notice a slight attitude shift in me too. Its hard to say what has changed exactly, I just feel more open or something! Like I said I can’t put words around it yet, I’m just better.

Happy client!



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