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Stop Dieting and End the Battle with FOOD!!

If you want to really change this time, not just lose the weight, but transform your body for life then this program is for you.

This Weight Loss and Body Transformation Program is packed full of weight loss secrets, and tools that will inspire and empower you to be the you want to be, and the best part is…you can do from your home!

Weekly, we will set goals, work through emotional blocks, use visualization techniques and much more to help you reach your goals. This program will help you change beliefs, self-concepts and behaviors in a safe supportive group.

JUST a few of the MANY GREAT things in this program:

  1. Weekly Tele-classess 1 to 2 hour
  2. Daily accountability, fun activities and support on your journey
  3. Tools to help you overcome cravings
  4. We will retrain your metabolism with guided meditation
  5. Invent yourself concept
  6. Tools to deal with Emotional Eating
  7. A private way to work out what is holding you back
  8.  Private Facebook group for the members only
  9. Tools for change, pdf workbook
  10. Women only and no more than 25 participants
  11. And much more…to much to list



This program is broken up into monthly programs, so you can stop or continue depending on what is right for you. The complete program will run from June 3rd to August 30th. 

We will be using EFT techniques, Hypnosis, NLP, Guided Meditations, Advances Coaching tools and more to help you achieve max results.


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Why this WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM is different?

After studying and participating in many different programs myself, I have found there are key elements that are a must in a weight loss program in order to make the change last.

Here are a few: Accountability, Support, Changing the way you see yourself, food and exercise overcoming old limiting beliefs and trauma, and finally changing your behavior. This program has all of these elements and more.  It is designed to help you make the shift from internal change to external visible results.

What also makes this program unique is, you also have a choice of continuing on to month 2 and 3, after the first month. Everyone is different in what they need to make the shift so it’s really up to you.

The amount of time effort and support you are going to receive is well worth over $3,500 over the 3 month period.

By now you’re seeing just how powerful this program will be, helping you lose the weight and…transform from inside and out.

When you look back over your weight loss journey you will see that you may have been one of the many people who spent a lot of money maybe tens of thousands of dollars, on diets, diet pills, weight loss equipment, diet books, personal trainers, weight loss programs, gym memberships, and the worst part of all… most if not all of these methods never addressed the real reason you were eating and over weight in the first place. Don’t waste any more of your hard earned money on addressing a symptom of the problem, let’s get to the core problem of the weight and change it so you can be the best you for the rest of your life. Your worth investing in, and you deserve to take control and spend the rest of your life in a body you love.

For the low cost of only $99 (without recording or workbook)
$129 for the full first moth
or for the full 13-week program $387

The full program is less than the cost of 1 month with a personal trainer or 4, one hour hypnosis sessions. The amount of time energy research and effort put into designing this program alone is really priceless. I have pulled together all of the BEST and most powerful transformation tools out there to help YOU make the shift.

 You are getting over 14 tele-seminars and webinars combined. The personal transformation book. All of the recorded mp3 files for you to listen to again and again. The private face book group with daily support and activities.  Focused attention designed to help you really make the changes you want and deserve.



Month 1

The first month is designed to recondition your relationship with your body, food, cravings and yourself image. We will use tapping to work on Emotional eating, shame guilt, frustration and more. We will use NLP techniques to guild you into a new self-image and recondition you to see food differently. We will work on belief changes and guided visualization techniques.

Month 2

We will really work on yourself image, conditioning new beliefs, seeing food and excise in a new way and we will use a powerful secret tool designed to change your inner self talk from critic to an inner coach.

Month 3

 We will continue to shift yourself image, and develop empowering beliefs about food, exercise, your body and the real you. You will receive continues support from the group. We will have experts in the area of fitness and health on the call giving you advice on how to treat your body and eat healthy for life.



Jenn Goddard is an EFT Expert, Certified Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, and a Strategic intervention coach from the Anthony Robins training program. She has designed a program that will not only help you to lose the weight but to transform your relationship with food, your body and provide you with the support you need to make the shift.

Jenn, understands the many different struggles with weight from her own person struggles with body image, to food addictions to struggling with bulimia and anorexia, and knows that diets don’t work, but changing your beliefs,  relationship with your body, emotions and food does.

From me to you:
I understand your fustration with weight loss, to feel like you have no control, like something is wrong with you or your body, and I know what it is like to want to be over this, and I know how fusterating it is to feel like you have tried everything.

I went through some really tough times with my weight and the one thing I want you to know is that this can work for you, you’re not broken and there is hope, you have not tried everything yet. I am here for you, and if you commit to this program, I will put the effort in with you to help you make the changes. 


Purchase 1 Month $99 (with no recordings or PDF booklet)

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Purchase 1 Month $129 GET All Recordings and PDF of the Weight Loss Transformation Booklet & Secret BONUS

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2822 South Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828

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