June 5

Kid’s Improve Their Grades with EFT

Why a young boy was actually failing!!

Hi Gary I just wanted to tell you and the readers about a very special case I had a few weeks ago. I had a client bring her son to me because he was failing English class. The boy was very bright but seemed to be just slacking off or so it seemed.

I started digging around and asking lots of questions to find out what was really going on. As it turned out the boy was not getting along with the step dad and felt nothing he could do was good enough. He felt very angry and had no way of handling the anger or getting rid of it. I also asked a lot of questions about the class, the subject and the teacher.

We did a few general rounds on, not liking the subject, not being motivated and it’s not fun. As we progressed I asked him a he thought of the teacher? He told me she was really hard on him and did not like him. As we got the intensity down I asked him specifically what she did to make him feel that way. He told me that she gave him detention for being a second late. So we tapped on

Even though she doesn’t like me

  • I feel angry and singled out
  • Even though I don’t Like her…I’ll show her

And after the intensity came down we tapped on

  • maybe she was just trying to make an example of me
  • maybe she does like me but just needed to make an example of me
  • then forgiving her because it was not her intention to hurt me, it wasn’t personal

We then moved over to the subject of the step father

We tapped on

Even though nothing I do is good enough

If I open my report card I’m going to get it

And then got really specific on a time that he was unfairly punished

We tapped on the anger

It’s not fair

Nothing I ever do is good enough

The intensity began to drop as it did I turned it so he could see it differently

Even though I don’t know why he does what he does, maybe that’s how he was raised

Even though I feel resentful I am willing to see that it it’s not his intention to hurt me

Maybe he is trying to set an example to my brother and sister

Maybe he is afraid I will walk all over him

The boy really calmed down after this point and was able to see that regardless how others treat him doing bad in school was not punishing them only him.


Kid's Improve Their Grades with EFT

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