June 5

End Insomnia with EFT

Great Night Sleep!

I had a client come in a few weeks ago with a whole list of things he wanted to work on and I asked him to pick what was most important to him now. He said that he was not sleeping at night and needed to get a good night. He told me that he had to take medication and that was not enough now he also had to drink alcohol to put him to sleep as well.

So I asked him to teach me how to have this problem, what would I need to do or how would I need to act, feel and talk to myself in order to have this problem. He went  to tell me that he was not sure but he knew that he kept saying over and over “I can’t sleep” so instead of going any further we started right there. I could see the frustration and the overwhelm in his eyes and I had a good idea where to go from there, so I had him tap:

Even though I don’t want to go to sleep for whatever reason, I love and accept myself.

Even though it is not ok for me to go to sleep for maybe a lot of reasons I am ok and I can get thru this.

(He looked very confused at this point but I asked him to just go along with it.

We then went through all of the points tapping on:

It is not ok for me to get a good night sleep, it may be for others but not me

I am not allowed to sleep

For whatever reason I can’t sleep at night

I really want to but it is not ok for me

And so on…


At this point I could see some emotions were coming up so I asked him what came up. He said “I was right on, a lot of sadness came up and guilt.” I asked him, “Why wasn’t it ok for him to sleep at night?” He said he was punishing himself. I asked what for, He replied not being better than he was.

I asked, said who?  He then proceeded to tell me he never felt good enough growing up and needed to be perfect. I asked him if he could remember a specific memory that told him this and he did so we went back and cleared the memories, the evidence he collected and the stories he told himself as a little boy based on his dads behavior.

This was about a 2 hour session, but we got the issue down to a zero. I never like to have a client walk out o my office until the issue is completely cleared.

The next morning I got an email from him thanking me because it was the first time in 4 years he slept without sleeping pills or alcohol.


EFT is a fantastic tool, aim at the bulls eye and experience profound changes


Lots of love!

Jenn Goddard
Personal Development Specialist
(EFT-ADV EFT-1) EFT Advanced Practitioner / Trainer



End Insomnia with EFT

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