January 12

Why EFT Practitioners don’t Tap


If your EFT practitioner or your new wanting to become an eft professional you may have a fear of tapping on others. And you’re not alone a lot of people face this fear, even many professional EFT practitioner’s face this fear in some form at some point in their career.


As an EFT trainer and mentor I have seen lots of fears and here are just a few.


So let’s look at some of the common reasons and solutions to this problem that have helped others.


Some of the people I have mentored have discovered that they are afraid that once they are working with someone an issue may arise, and they won’t know how to help their client. For example, if you know that your client has been battered or abused and you have only watched a few DVDs on EFT or read the EFT manual, your likely going to be afraid to tap on this person. That energy will transfer to your clients and you will feel their fear (which is yours coming back at you) and it may shut you down completely. If you don’t want this to happen and you really want to master EFT you’re going to need support and a complete understanding of how to successfully move someone through an issue.


If you’re going to be good at something, you need practice, patience, and people to help you!  Mentoring and training help give you the skills and tools to face all kinds of client issues with confidence and ease. Even as a trainer I still attend a weekly group discussion to give feedback and get feedback on complex cases. Even the best athletes and top professionals around the world continue to take classes, hire consultants and have coaches to help them overcome their blocks, help them to grow and to support them on their way.


Another common fear is how they will be seen by others.


Let’s be honest…EFT looks weird and is not traditional at all!  If you have a friends or family that is not familiar with EFT and is not interested in anything alterative you may have a huge obstacle to face.  What if you’re a licensed professional psychologist, or therapist and no one you know does this? How are you going to look to your colleagues?


Or maybe you’re a perfectionist , you may also may be afraid of “if I don’t do it perfect or if I don’t clear the whole issue in one session then maybe they will abandon me, see me as a fraud or not good enough.”  When we have a deep fear of how others see up and you are facing a new alternative career you’re going to have to face these deep fears and the best way to do that is let someone else be the practitioner so you can be the client and face it yourself.


Another common fear is actually tapping on the client and feeling like this is an invasion of privacy or personal space.  It may make the other person uncomfortable.  It may make you uncomfortable.  Or, it may not be legal in your state. If this is your fear, this is easy to overcome.  Lots of practitioners, including myself, do not touch their clients and can just as easily tap with their clients by having them follow along with you.



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