June 5

How to get results with EFT

Why you  might not be getting the results you want using EFT
Most   people have beginners luck using EFT, but after getting going you may be one   of the many people that get stuck! It seems so easy at first, and then it   happens…you don’t progress!Why?
EFT   when used in private practice with complicated cases takes practice,   knowledge of what questions to ask and when to ask, and a deeper   understanding of the use of reframes. To the untrained eye it looks so simple   but the process is indeed a process and not just an exercise or a relaxation   technique. Skilled EFT practitioners that have taken Gary Craig’s, training   will all tell you that an understanding of EFT and taking the training course   and passing the exam requires you to really learn how use and apply EFT.
As   an EFT practitioner who works full time in practice, I have seen a drastic   improvement in the speed of my results and the accuracy of questions and   ability to get someone from where they are to where they want to be.
So   how can you get improved result? Start by having a Certified EFT practitioner   do a session with you, notice what they do different and how they ask   questions. Learn how to ask better questions and aim towards specific   memories instead of global issues. Don’t try to go too quickly into reframes   or choices to quickly. Practice on yourself and people that are not paying   for sessions, until you feel confident, otherwise people will doubt your   ability and or the technique and you have bigger problems at that point!
EFT   is a powerful tool and it has truly changed my life as well as the lives of   my clients. When it is used correctly it can change lives permanently. If you   are looking for more information and ideas visit the EMOFREE website, there   you will find many success story’s tips and tools that can help you along.
If   you take your time and really learn how to use EFT before marketing yourself   as a practitioner you can surely build your confidence and your success rate!
EFT is a powerful tool and can and does change lives, learn it effectively   and it will change yours too!Jenn   Goddard, Certified EFT Practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner located in   Orlando, Florida. I work with clients online, over the phone and in person   in, on a variety of issues including but not limited to: Business Blocks,   Career Changes, Money blocks, Prosperity and Abundance, Weight Related   Issues, Self-Image Issues, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Children’s Learning and   Behavior Related Issues, Sleep Disorders, Addictions and Acute Physical Pain.


How to get results with EFT

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