June 29

Why You Can’t Change

Why you can’t change
Everyone always says they want to change, but what stops them from follow through? People say they want to be better but they don’t really make it happen. Lots of people that attempt to change but don’t, they feel like a failure or believe there is something wrong with them, but that is simply not true. They are not broken! If someone can’t change or maybe they are have problems changing, there is one simple, but complex reason why…the unconscious mind is keeping them stuck.
What is the unconscious mind? It is a big part of your brain, responsible for over 80% of your daily thinking, your self-concept, all of your body functions, your beliefs, habits and memories and so much more. Your unconscious or subconscious minds job is to keep you safe, in alignment with your core self-concept and your beliefs, so if you try to do something new and it doesn’t feel safe or match what you believe about you, at a deep level it will STOP you every time. Your unconscious mind is not trying to hurt you, its main job is to keep you safe from what you perceive is not safe based on old experiences.
Your brain is always asking at an unconscious level, have I been here before, was it good or bad and how should I respond? Sometimes the brain wants to keep us safe, so bad, it mislabels the current experience as something we have done before and it prevents us from achieving what it is we want most.

The challenge with this is that we can’t normally see the real problem because we are in it, we are in our own way and it is really hard if not impossible to step back far enough to see it. It is kind of like trying to give yourself a massage, you can’t really relax when you are focused of what you need to do.

So how do you figure it out or overcome the real problem? One of the best ways I have found is a using technique called Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. A powerful transformation process, that really transforms lives and bodies, it is so powerful and I was so impressed with it, I have gone on to receive 6 certifications in it, and became a EFT Expert practitioner/ trainer. EFT is one of the only tool that taps in to the unconscious mind, memories and beliefs at the conscious level allowing the practitioner and to identify the limiting belief, fear, or challenges, that is preventing the client from healing or having what they want, a skilled practitioner can help a client to work through the problem, and then consciously creating a new belief about the situation allowing the mind to release the fear or belief, and free a person to make or create a more powerful and dynamic future.

This is a very powerful tool and I have many amazing examples of how it has helped people change and transform in powerful ways, you can read about on my website at: arisetoday.com. Moving forward remember that you are not broken you are functioning in alignment with your unconscious beliefs, go the road less traveled face your past, take control and change, create a life you love.
Jenn Goddard. Certified EFT Expert Practitioner/Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. Arisetoday.com 407.924.5526


EFT Why You Can't Change

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