May 14

Anxiety Relief with EFT

Anxiety can be similar to panic, it can create intense feelings putting the individual into an extreme state of fearfulness. Anxiety can set off the ‘fight, freeze or flight’ response causing the mind to shut down certain hemispheres of the brain and putting us into survival mode.  Adrenaline floods the body causing us to lose the ability to think rationally.

If a person experiences enough trauma in their life this kind of thinking can become a normal way of thinking for them, and they can live with constant anxiety, and the individual may not even realize that they are thinking this way.

I should know, many years ago I was badly hurt in a painful car accident so bad that my conscious mind did not have any awareness of what happened, but my subconscious mind did and at the sublevel all of the unresolved emotions and fear from that traumatic event was affecting my thinking and emotions, but I was not aware of it. Through the use of EFT and hypnotherapy I have been able to heal the emotional pain of that event and release all of the unconscious fear that was causing the anxiety. For most people just like me, if you are or have suffered from anxiety you are probably not consciously aware of the cause of it, this is due to how the mind works and it’s need to protect us from what is too painful for us to handle at the time, it is a built in survival response that helps us to move through an experience and get on with life. The problem is once we are okay we tend to move on and don’t work through it and the issue doesn’t go away.

You don’t have to live with anxiety for the rest of your life, you deserve an enjoyable life so take action today and have a better tomorrow.



Anxiety Relief with EFT

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