EFT Hypnosis Coaching Sessions

EFT & Hypnosis Sessions

In office session:

EFT sessions are normally an 1 1.2 hour.  I offer sessions up to 2 hours for complex issues.
During the first session we will discuss the EFT process, your personal history, and the areas
on which you want to focus.  We will work together to uncover any events and memories you
may have that have contributed to the cause. And develop a plan to help you get to where
you want to go.

Phone sessions:

I recommend using a headset or speakerphone during our EFT phone sessions. This will enable you to speak to me on the phone while, simultaneously, using both your hands. Please refer to the process page before calling to schedule an appointment.

The initial consultation is FREE (includes an FREE EFT demo)

Cancellation Policy: NEW 2017 update. Please give me 24 hours notice if you cannot keep your appointment or you will be billed a minimum $50 charge based on the time held. Cancelations now cost me a office charge of $35 per session and childcare at a minimum of $20 per hour for an in office Sunday visit.  Also please understand to Please note for complex issues a 2 hour sessions is recommended for the initial appointment so I can understand your personal history, goals and problems.  I will make sure you know the exact locations of the EFT tapping points and will then immediately begin working on your goals and issues.

EFT Coaching Session